Ikon Outfitters - Harness Fitting Guide

The following fitting guide demonstrates a simple and effective procedure for fitting either the Ikon Outfitters X-Back Racing/Recreational Harness or the Weight-Pull/Freight Harness to your dog.

(1) Open the padded collar with both hands and fold the breast plate in half so that section A meets section B. (2) The padded collar and the nylon webbing behind the breast plate will be held in place by both hands forming an opening for the dog’s head.


Have your dog sitting with his back in between your knees. Slide the harness opening over the dog’s head.


If you have a medium to long coated dog, make sure you pull all the fur forward so the padded collar sits immediately in front of the shoulder blade.


Pick up one foot at a time, bend the leg at the knee and place through the opening on one side of the breast plate. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg. You should now have one leg on one side of the padded breast plate and the other leg on the other side of the breast plate. Your harness breast plate will run between the front two legs of your dog.


At this point recheck that all the fur and loose skin of your dog is pulled forward so that the padded collar will sit snuggly on your dogs shoulder blade.


Pull the nylon cords at the back of the X-Back harness over the back of your dog. Make sure all the webbing is straight and lays flat on the dog’s body. If you are fitting a Weight-Pull/Freight harness, pull the O-ring over the back of your dog gently placing the wooden spreader bar under your dog’s tail.


Your dog is now ready to work!


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